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Massage Therapy Training


If you want to become a successful massage therapist, learn from the best health and wellness center in the Midwest. Through hands on experience and progressive teaching you will develop the skills needed to become a LMT in our 600 Hour Training Program. Divided into two parts: 425 hour Basic Therapeutic Massage Course and 175 hours of Elective Classes all with an emphasis on incorporating the body, mind and spirit. Graduates of SoderWorld Academy massage therapy program generally score above state and national averages according to the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). This is a training and education unlike any other massage school. Come and experience for yourself and take your life and career to a new level!

Basic therapeutic massage course

425 hours of the 600 hour program

Part Time Enrollment: 16 months ~ 1 day/week for 5 hrs class
Fast Track Enrollment: 12 months ~ 2 days / week for 5 hrs class- 10 hours

  • Theory and practice of massage and bodywork.
  • Indications and Contraindications.
  • Therapeutic Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage/Stretching/Trigger Point work.
  • Intro to other modalities of bodywork/Establishing an energetic connection.
  • Anatomy Physiology /Kinesiology/ Pathology.
  • Centering, grounding, and focusing techniques.
  • Understanding of body/mind connection /Awareness of mental/emotional, physical and
    spiritual relatedness/ Benefits of Massage on the body/mind/spirit.
  • Guidelines and suggestions for setting up a massage practice.
  • Nutrition/Wellness/How to handle stress/Self Help.
  • Business/Ethics/Marketing/ Professionalism in massage/Hygiene.
  • Massage-Teacher Evaluations.
  • National Test Review.
  • This also includes 60 clinic practice massages, 10 hours of community service
  • and Much more!

MT Certificate Requirements:

  • Attendance and completion of basic massage course modules (sections)
    • Anatomy and Physiology (10 weeks)
    • Pathology (10 weeks)
    • Kinesiology (10 weeks)
    • Swedish Massage (10 weeks)
    • Deep Tissue Massage (10 weeks)
    • Swedish/Deep Tissue Combo (5 weeks)
    • Wellness/Nutrition/Self-Care (5 weeks)
    • Business/Ethics/Marketing (5 weeks)
  • Completion of tests, assignments and projects given in modules
  • Completion of 60 client clinic massages (10 to professionals, about 85 hours)
  • Completion of community service hours (10 hours)
  • Three Hands-on Evaluations with teacher (5 hours)
  • Minimum of 75% on written quizzes/exams and evaluations
  • All fees paid in full according to enrollment agreement
  • 175 hours of Elective Classes



Registration Fee -$150 Upon acceptance to the course, a non-refundable registration fee is required as commitment to the class. This fee includes administration fee and your Soderworld Massage Manuals.

Tuition- 600 hr. Massage Therapy Certification   -$9,500    Text Books $300                                                              This tuition includes all 600 hours including all basic massage course requirements and 175 hours of elective classes.

All fees must be paid in full before certificate and transcripts will be issued. Financing through Soderworld on the Massage Therapy Program is interest free.  A $25 late payment fee will be levied for payments not made according to your scheduled payment statement.


2016 Elective/Continuing Ed Class Schedule



*Please go to elective class page for detailed descriptions of elective classes


Jan 16th & 17th- Reflexology- 10-5pm (15hrs) $200
Jan 22nd-24th -Ayurveda/Panchakarma Therapy-10-6pm (24hrs) $400
Jan 30th- Reiki I –  9-5pm (8hrs) $125-$25 text fee
Jan 31st- Reiki II- 9-5pm (8hrs) $125


Feb 4th-7th-  Cranial Sacral I- 9-5pm (28.5hrs) $595
Feb 5th-7th- Yoga Teacher Training Final Intensive
Feb 20th-21st- EFT (Emotional Free Tech) 9:30-5pm (15hrs) $195
Feb 27th- Emotional Tissues- 10am-4pm (6 hrs) $100
Feb 28th- Seated Massage- 10am-6pm (8hrs) $125

MARCH 2016

March 4th- (Friday)- Reiki III- From 9-5pm (8hrs) $125
March 5th & 6th- Reiki IV (Master)- 9-5pm $500 plus $25 text
March 12th- Myofascial Release- 10am-6pm (8hrs) $125
March 13th- Chakras/Anatomy of Energy- 10-4pm (6hrs) $100
March 19th & 20th- PreNatal Massage & Natural Childbirth- 10-6pm (16hrs) $250

APRIL 2016

April 2nd – Human Crystal Class- 9am-5pm (8hrs) $125
(This class is a pre-requisite to take Healing with Crystals)
April 3rd -Healing w/ Crystals & Energy-9-5pm (8hrs) $125
April 9th & 10th- Scar Tissue Massage-  9am-6pm (18hrs) $300
April 15th- (Friday)- PranaYama (Breathwork) 5-9pm (4hrs) $50
April 16th- Basic Aromatherapy- 9-5pm (8hrs) $190
(This class is a pre-requisite to take Aromadrop Therapy)
April 17th- AromaDrop Essential Oil Balancing (formerly Raindrop Therapy)- 11-5pm (5hrs) $100
April 23rd-24th- Hot Stones Massage 9-6pm (18hrs) $300
April 30th & May 1st-EFT(Emotional Freedom)9:30-5pm(15hrs) $195

MAY 2016

May 7th- Lymphatic Massage- 10-6pm (8hrs) $125
May 14th & 15th- Advanced Tensegrity- 9am-6pm (18hrs) $300
May 20th – 22nd- Thai Massage- 10-5pm (20hrs) $300

JUNE 2016

June 2nd-5th- Cranial Sacral I- 9-5pm (28.5hrs) $595
June 18th- Body Treatments/Hydrotherapy- 10am-5pm $150
June 24th & 25th-Hawaiian Combo Massage 9-6pm (18hrs) $350
June 26th-Hawaiian Combo Review/Practice Day 10am-5pm $100


JULY 2016




Aug 20th & 21st- Reflexology- 10-5pm (15hrs) $200
August 27th- OPEN HOUSE/FUNDRAISER 9:30am-5pm


Sept 9th-11th- Yoga Teacher Training Intensive- Fall Session Start

Sept 17th & 18th -EFT (Emotional Freedom) 9:30-5pm(15hrs) $195
Sept 23rd-25th – Sports Massage- 9-6pm (26hrs) $325


October 1st- Emotional Tissues- 10am-4pm (6 hrs) $100
Oct 2nd- Seated Massage- 10am-6pm (8hrs) $125
Ocotber 6th-9th- Cranial Sacral I- 9-5pm (28.5hrs) $595
Oct 14th- (friday)- PranaYama (Breathwork) 5-9pm (4hrs) $50
October 15th- Human Crystal Class- 9am-5pm (8hrs) $125
(This class is a pre-requisite to take Healing with Crystals)
October 16th-Healing w/ Crystals & Energy-9-5pm (8hrs) $125
Oct 22nd & 23rd- Floating Joint- 9am-6pm (18hrs) $300


Nov 5th- Reiki I –  9-5pm (8hrs) $125-$25 text fee
Nov 6th- Reiki II- 9-5pm (8hrs) $125

Nov 12th & 13th- Esalen Style Massage- 10-4pm (12hrs) $200
Nov 19th- Myofascial Release- 10am-6pm (8hrs) $125
Nov 20th- Body Treatments/Hydrotherapy-10-6pm (8hrs) $150


Dec 2nd (friday)- Reiki III- From 9-5pm (8hrs) $125
Dec 3rd & 4th- Reiki IV (Master)- 9-5pm $500 plus $25 text
Dec 9th-11th- Thai Yoga Massage- 10-5pm (20hrs) $300

Dec 17th- Principles of Meditation- 11am-5pm $100





For Continuing Ed students, A $25 deposit is required at sign up to reserve your space & $5 certificate fee for CEU credit. Balance of fee is due prior to start of class. Elective class refund policy: If you cancel registration one week prior to class, you will get registration fee back, under one week, regs fee is non refundable. If you cancel day of or No Show on class, there is no refund on registration fee and there is a fee of 10% the cost of the class. Students that are in the Massage Program, 175 hours of elective classes are part of your tuition.


To Register for a class call 630-455-5885 or stop in at the front desk.


Yoga Teacher Training Certification


Strengthen and enrich your Hatha Yoga practice while learning to safely and effectively teach students of all levels: from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Our program is affiliated and registered with Yoga Alliance.

200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification

This respected program finds it’s purpose by going beyond making a person a Yoga teacher; it provides an excellent foundation for an extensive knowledge of Yoga and healing.  Over the course of 6 months/ 3 weekend long intensives in beginning, middle, and end of program, with one day a week in the in between. Complete instruction and certification in how to teach non-dogmatic, Hatha Yoga to help transform and heal the body.

Certificate Requirements:

  • Attendance as stated in class guidelines (must makeup missed hours)
  • 16 week Training- one day a week for 5 hours (80hrs).
  • Completion of 3 weekend intensive (1 at beginning of course, middle and 1 at the end/ 48 hours total)
    • Sept 9-11th, 2016, Nov 4-6th, 2016, Jan 13-15, 2017)
  • Apprenticeship/ assisting classes – 6-8 classes (12 hours)
  • Completion of student teaching – 9 classes (12 hours)  (4 public classes / 4 private sessions)
  • Attendance of 2 public classes a week (minimum 24 hours)   *Home practice 2-3x a week
  • Attend 1 Master Teacher Workshop (2-3 Hours) and 1 Kirtan /Gong Wash (1-2 Hours)
  • Completion of Basic Thai Yoga Elective Class (20 Hours)   OR
    • Therapeutic Movement & Asana Weekend Intensive & Marma Therapy workshop (20 hours)
  • Minimum of 70% on tests – Anatomy and Physiology/ Theory, Philosophy, Ethics & Sanskrit/ Practical Teaching Evaluation
  • Completion of all reading assignments and reports/ projects  – Business, Research, Personal Intention, and Body Map
  • All fees paid in full
  • 1st Aid and CPR are recommended

Curriculum includes:

  • Theory and practice of Hatha Yoga / Universal Principles of Alignment, loops spirals, and focal points
  • Asanas, Pranayama, and Kriyas, Mantras, Chakras, Nadis, Mudras, Koshas, Kleshas
  • Benefits, contraindications and overview of many types of Yoga, and Yoga Sutras
  • Meditation, visualization, chanting and sound healing
  • Teaching styles, assisting and correcting postures, misalignments, working with injuries and trauma
  • Physical and Energetic Anatomy and Physiology/ Kinesiology (muscle study)
  • Ayurveda and Yoga for different Body Types as well as nutrition and living the Yogic lifestyle
  • History, different yoga theories and philosophies (8 limbs of Yoga / 4 aims)
  • Understanding of body/mind connection Awareness of mental/emotional, physical and spiritual relatedness, psychology of student/teachers
  • Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting, correcting, instruction, adjustments, props and different teaching styles
  • Business, Professionalism and Ethics for teaching Yoga, as well as qualities and service of a teacher
  • Guidelines and suggestions for setting up yoga classes and sequencing, yin yang of a balanced class
  • Intro to Restorative, Pre Natal, Acro/ Partner, Thai Yoga Bodywork
  • And Much more

 Additional Information:

Yoga Props – The student should be planning on the purchase of yoga props if they do not have them already. Props will be supplied at SoderWorld but we recommend getting them for your personal practice as well and for use with clients. We will assist you if desired and sometimes place group orders so students can get discounts.

Student Teaching/ Assisting – can be started as soon as student feels comfortable

Weekend Intensives – There are 3 intensives (16 hours each= 48 hours total)
1 at start of course, 1 at middle, and 1 at the end – Intensive hours are Friday (5-9pm), Saturday and Sunday (12 – 6pm) totaling 32 hours.  The final intensive will also include teaching evaluations and completion ceremony.

Elective Classes – The Thai Yoga Bodywork Elective class is option for required hours but there are also optional electives that can be taken for more hours: Chakra/ Anatomy of Energy, Aromatherapy, Pranayama and Principles of Meditation.



Registration Fee -$150 Upon acceptance to the course, a non-refundable registration fee is required as commitment to the class. This fee includes administration fee and your Soderworld Yoga Manual.

Tuition- 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training   -$3,000    Text Books $200     This tuition includes all 200 hours including Thai Yoga Bodywork elective & some 4 week series yoga classes but does not include any additional workshops at Soderworld or other studios.

All fees must be paid in full before certificate and transcripts will be issued. Financing through Soderworld on the Yoga Teacher Training Course is interest free.  A $25 late payment fee will be levied for payments not made according to your scheduled payment statement.

Main Instructors:  Brian Witten & Misty Soderholm.  Guest teachers will be brought in for specialty sections of the basic course. See our Meet Us section for teacher Bios.

This program is approved by and follows the 200-hour curriculum guidelines set by Yoga Alliance and is approved by the Illinois Board of Higher Education.



(Detailed weekly schedule will be given to students who register)

1st Intensive- 09/09- 09/11/2016    Friday (5-9pm), Saturday and Sunday (12 – 6pm)

16 week core training- 09/14/16- 01/11/2017  Wednesday nights from 5-10pm

2nd Intensive- 11/04-11/06/2016     Friday (5-9pm), Saturday and Sunday (12 – 6pm)

Ending Intensive- 01/13-01/15/2017      Friday (5-9pm), Saturday and Sunday (12 – 6pm) (Includes Graduation Ceremony)




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