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All Instructors are approved by NCBTMB, and we are certified members of ABMP/AMTA, Soderworld is also a registered Yoga Alliance school. Must pre-register online or by phone for classes with a $25 deposit at time of registration and the remaining cost of CEU classes must be paid in full by first day of class. $5 fee for CEU certificate. CEU class refund policy: If you cancel registration one week prior to class, you will get registration fee back, under one week, regs fee is non refundable. If you cancel day of or No Show on class, there is no refund on registration fee and there is a fee of 10% the cost of the class.




Aug 19th- Seated Massage- 10am-6pm (7hrs) $150
August 26-27th- Reflexology- 10-6pm (14hrs) $250


September 9th- OPEN HOUSE/FUNDRAISER 11am-5pm
Sept 16-17th -EFT (Emotional Freedom) 9:30-5pm(15hrs) $195
Sept 19-21st- (Tues-Thurs)- Ashiatsu Floor- 9-6pm (24hrs) $475
Sept 23rd- Floating Joint- 10-5:30pm (6hrs) $150
Sept 29, 30th & 31st- Yoga Teacher Training FALL STARTING Intensive
Sept 30-Oct 1st- Sol Flo Massage- 10-6pm (14hrs) $250


Oct 7th- Heart of the Matter- 10-5:30pm (6hrs) $125
Oct 13-15th- Thai Yoga Bodywork- 10-6pm (21hrs) $325
Oct 19-22- Cranial Sacral I- 9-5pm (28.5hrs) $595
Oct 28-29th-Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy (2 days)-9-6pm (16hrs) $300


Nov 3rd (Fri)- Ethics for MT’s- 5-9pm (4hrs) $50
Nov 4th- Reiki I – 9-5pm (8hrs) $125-$25 text fee
Nov 5th- Reiki II- 9-5pm (8hrs) $125
Nov 11th- Basic Aromatherapy- 9-3pm (6hrs) $150
(This class is a pre-requisite to take Raindrop Therapy)
Nov 12th- Raindrop Therapy- 11-5pm (5hrs) $150
Nov 18-19th- Hot Stones Massage 9-6pm (18hrs) $300
Nov 30-Dec 3rd- Cranial Sacral II- 9-5pm (28.5hrs) $595


Dec 8th- (Friday)- Reiki III- From 9-5pm (8hrs) $125
Dec 9-10th- Reiki IV (Master)- 9-5pm $500 plus $25 text
Dec 16th- Meditation/PranaYama (Breathwork)- 10-5pm (6hrs) $100


To Register for a CEU class call 630-455-5885, stop in at the front desk, or signup online.
Elective Registration

Class Descriptions:

Sol Flo Massage (formerly Esalen Style)- Sol Flo Massage is a spiritual, nurturing, and flowing massage that will take clients to a beautiful space for healing and relaxation. Students will learn how to flow their massage with music creating a intuitive dance incorporating many bodywork techniques as well as Mistys own personal style of bodywork. Over the past 20 years, Misty has developed a massage that goes beyond the physical and uses bodywork as a meditation. This modality includes Esalen style flow along with many other intuitive strokes and techniques, energywork, and body movement with joint mobilizations to explore deep healing for the clients body, mind, and spirit. This 2 day class will connect the students to their own intuition and connection to energy while working with others. In this class we will review theory, history, and principles of Sol Flo Massage. This class includes a demo and hands on practice of a one therapist and a two therapist Sol Flo massage. We will also practice and discuss meditation, proper body mechanics, stances, breath work, energywork and intention, guidelines and applications of techniques. Learn the ultimate massage and change your approach to one that encompasses body, mind, and spirit healing. Credits: 14 Cost: $250 Required Text: None/ Handouts Instructor: Misty Soderholm

Reflexology is an ancient form of bodywork practiced on reflex points of the feet and hands. This class focuses on the feet and will cover all the reflex points that correspond with organs, glands, and different body structures. The two techniques, the press and release and the Ingham Method, will be taught to students. Theses techniques include acupressure, pulling, manipulating reflex points, stretching and R.O.M., that will facilitate relief from physical discomfort for client. This class will teach 30 and 60 minute sessions that consist of all techniques. Handouts are included. Credits: 14 Cost: $250 Optional Text: “Better Health with Foot Reflexology” Dwight C. Beyers ($30 text) Instructor: Misty Soderholm

Seated (On-Site) Chair Massage- class covers history, theory, benefits, proper set up and take down of chairs, marketing and professionalism, and 10-30 minute chair massage sequences that bring total revitalization through the application of acupressure, variety of massage techniques and stretching on a specifically designed chair. The client remains fully clothed as the therapist manipulates the head, neck, back, shoulders and arms through a very specific and detailed sequence of moves designed to release blocked energy and relax muscles. CEU 7 hours, Cost: $150, Text: None Instructor: Misty Soderholm

Reiki- a Japanese word meaning “Universal Energy” surrounds us. The Usui system of natural Healing is a healing art which uses Reiki to help bring balance to the body physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This natural healing method, referred to as Reiki, is an ancient Tibetan science which was rediscovered during the mid-1800’s by Dr. Mikao Usui. Levels I, II, and III Credit: 8 each level Cost: $125 each level. Reiki I has a $25 text fee – book is used for all three levels.
Reiki Master IV Certification offered Credits: 14 Cost: $500 + $25 text fee for Reiki Master Manual
Instructor: Shannon Chada from Full Circle Harmony

Sports Massage- concentrates on specific massage techniques to enhance athletic performance, accelerate the body’s restorative processes, and reduce the chance of injury to the body. This 2 day class concentrates on general sports massage and application of techniques for specific athletic events…a hands-on experience. Handouts included. Credits: 12 Cost: $250 Optional Text: None Instructor: Chuck LaFrano from LaFrano Massage Dynamics

Basic Aromatherapy- What is true Aromatherapy? How and why does it work? Incorporating essential oils into your lifestyle or profession is popular and effective! Enhance relaxation or add to a massage as a wonderful option to help ease muscular discomfort, relieve day to day tensions, rejuvenate the senses, uplift the spirit, and maintain a healthy outlook on life. In this experiential class you will learn about the best essential oils to enhance your intentions, how to customize and use essential oils safely, focusing on learning the holistic values of the most popular essential oils and how they can maintain healthy structure function of the body and its energy. We will also cover the history of aromatherapy, safety issues and contraindications. This class is beneficial for learning how to use essential oils in your own personal life, with friends, family and/or to incorporate in your professional practice. – Learn specific hands-on applications such as; Vita Flex and The Grounding Technique. Everyone will have the opportunity to create their own Essential Oil Spritzer in a glass bottle to take home. This fun hands-on workshop is designed to teach you everything you want to know about using Essential Oils personally as well as professionally. This class is open welcome to the public and professionals.
Credits:6 Cost: $150 No Required Text. Instructor: Shannon Chada from Full Circle Harmony

Body Treatments and Skin Care Class- Learn how to pamper your clients with more than just massage and leave there skin feeling great. In this class we will cover the theory and benefits of proper skin care, dry room body treatments, equipment and supplies, and product knowledge. Contraindications will be discussed and modifications of treatment for clients with health issues as well. The hands-on part of the class will cover how to do a salt/sugar scrub, an aromatherapy body wrap, hot towel wipe down, and hand and foot treatments with paraffin dips. Students will give and receive treatments in this class. Credits: 7 Cost: $150 Text: None Instructor: Misty Soderholm

Ayurveda/PanchaKarma Therapy- Learn the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda, “Science of Life”, from India that is over 5,000 years old. We will discuss the different body types, how to test for them, and how to bring them back into balance through detoxifying treatments called Panchakarma therapies. This 2 day class is a combination of lecture and Hands-on training of many of the PanchaKarma therapy treatments including 3 different types of massage, marma point therapy, steam tent, herbal wrap, Shirodhara (oil pour on the forehead), and Nasya (congestion treatment). Credits: 16 Cost: $300 (Manual Included) Optional Text: “Perfect Health” Deepak Chopra Instructor: Misty Soderholm

Thai Yoga Bodywork- This three day class is aimed at introducing Thai Yoga Bodywork to massage therapist and yoga instructors. The student learns to guide the client through a series of yoga postures, while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy (‘Sen’) lines and pressure points. Together these actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically. Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a mat on the floor; both client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing allowing ease of movement and flexibility. Theory, history, benefits, cautions & contraindications, proper body mechanics and stances, proper warm ups, and a complete 90 minute session will be covered. Every day includes warm up/yoga exercises, meditation, and lots of hands-on practice. Credits: 21 Cost: $325 Optional Text: “Thai Yoga Massage” Kam Thye Chow Instructor: Misty Soderholm

Principles of Meditation and Pranayama (Breathwork)- This experiential class will cover Meditation and Pranayama (Breathwork) techniques to further deepen your energy connection and to help ease stress and induce a deep state of relaxation and bliss. This class is great for individual growth as a therapist or yoga teacher and also to use with your clients to help calm and release emotional and mental blocks during sessions. This class covers theory, history, and different techniques of meditation and pranayama to start the student on a journey to a more mindful life and conscious bodywork practice. A variety of meditation and pranayama techniques from different traditions will be covered and practiced throughout the day. Handouts will be given. Credits: 6 Cost: $100 Required Text: No Text Instructor: Misty Soderholm

Hot Stone Massage- This two day Hot Stone Massage class will be a basic training in the application of this unique therapy. It will include the use of hot and cold stones in a 90 minute full body massage as well as incorporating energy work within the treatment and as a stand alone treatment. We will go over contraindications, principles, theory, history and safety, proper body mechanics & stances, as well as proper care for the stones, equipment and therapist. Students will also learn efficient set-up, execution and clean-up of this massage. Credits: 16 Cost: $300 Text: None Instructor: Misty Soderholm

Cranial Sacral Therapy- In the training of the art of Cranial Sacral Therapy, students practice basic release techniques for different areas of the cranial sacral system and the fascia system which interacts with the dural membrane surrounding the brain, spinal cord, and sacrum. These techniques will be combined into a complete cranial sacral treatment. During the course basic anatomy, of the cranial sacral system will be covered, as well as training and practice in developing sensitivity to the cranial sacral rhythm. CRANIAL LEVEL I and II Credits: 28.5 each level Cost: $595 each level Text: None Instructor: Don Masset from Sacred Journey Institute

Myofascial Release- This soft tissue therapy is for the treatment of skeletal muscles with immobility and pain. This alternative therapy aims to relax contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles by releasing the fascia. In this class you will learn how tight fascia can restrict the body in many ways and how to release it. Includes lecture and hands on practice. Credits: 8  Cost $125  Text: None Instructor: Chuck LaFrano from LaFrano Massage Dynamics

Floating Joint Technique- All joints are normally under compression from muscle tone. Joints can be put in temporary traction by pulling on them. There is a fine space where a joint is between the two–no compression nor traction forces. Here the joint is ‘floating’, and powerful self-correcting responses can readily be elicited from the clients’ homeostatic reflexes. In this class you will learn to feel that ‘floating’ moment, and explore how it can be used. This is a very subtle technique that has virtually no contraindications. Floating Joint has been applied with long-lasting effectiveness to any auto-immune disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia, and has proven very effective with whiplash from automobile accidents and severe falls. Credits: 6hrs Cost: $150 Required Text: None/ Handouts Instructor: Chuck LaFrano from LaFrano Massage Dynamics

Raindrop Therapy)- Please join us to learn this powerful, non-invasive, revolutionary way for helping restore harmony and balance back to the body! The technique of Raindrop Balancing Technique is the art of dripping unadulterated, therapeutic-grade Young Living essential oils onto the body from a height (like rain), so that the oils interact with the physical body as well as the energy field. These oils are then “feathered in” using a spine-tingling technique. This was inspired by the Native American belief that raindrops falling from a height may purify and cleanse the body and spirit. Because the essential oils easily penetrate the skin and muscles, the technique works on deep levels of the body without requiring hard pressure or force.
The Young Living® essential oils used most commonly in the technique are Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Wintergreen or Birch, Marjoram and Peppermint, and the blends Valor and Aroma Siez. However, other oils may be added or substituted as appropriate and as needed, including oils for supporting emotional support. Rejuvenate the Mind, Balance the Body with Raindrop Technique!
Materials including Essential Oils will be provided for in-class use only. Participants will give and receive a full Raindrop Technique session to back and feet.
What to bring – Important details: Bring a set of single sheets or a set can be provided to you for $5 fee. Remove all nail polish and Fingernails must be cut short below the pad of the finger. This class is open welcome to the public and professionals. Basic Aromatherapy class day before is a prerequisite to take this Raindrop class. Credits: 5 Cost: $150 Required Text: None Instructor: Shannon Chada from Full Circle Harmony

Pre-Natal Massage- This two day class will give you insight into the comforts and discomforts of pregnancy and childbirth, ways to manage them, Understanding the anatomy/physiology affected by pregnancy, high risk pregnancies and contraindications, relaxation techniques, stretches for pregnancy, massage techniques for the pregnant year (preconception, pregnancy, infertility, prenatal, labor, postnatal, infant techniques) including side lying techniques. Credits: 16 Cost: $325 Required text: None Instructor: Karry Anderson from Heart of Touch Massage

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)- and Applied Kinesiology in Body Work- Approved EFT level 1 course- Learn simple, one minute techniques to lessen (or eliminate) your strong negative emotional symptoms, release stress, cravings, anger, guilt, and your reactions to past events. Includes lecture, live demo, supervised practice, and time for questions and discussion. (handouts, manual and EFT DVD) Credits: 15 Cost: $195 Required text: None Instructor: Tom Masbaum

Ethics for Bodyworkers-
This Ethics class will provide the therapist with the framework for resolving ethical dilemmas by using specific checkpoints for Ethical Decision Making. Participants will gain clarity on their own values and boundaries and to understand them in relation to dilemma resolution using the code of ethics of the NCBTMB and the Professional Standard of Practice. This class includes discussion, lecture, role playing, and situation discussion. Credits: 4 Cost: $50 Text: None Instructor: Misty Soderholm

Ashiatsu Floor- When performing traditional Ashiatsu, the therapist uses bars above the massage table for leverage while using their feet to massage the client on the table. Ashiatsu floor is great for those with limited resources (such as bars above the table). The therapist will use stools for leverage while using their feet to massage the client who will be lying on the floor. You do not need bars or a table, This is perfect for house calls! Lengthen your career and take strain off your body while performing an even deeper and more effective massage using Ashiatsu Floor massage. In this is a 3 day course you will learn about the creator of the course, history of barefoot massage, special exercises, benefits to the therapist and client, contraindications, and you will receive plenty of “feet” on experience! Credits: 24 Cost: $475 Text: None Instructor: Jamie Marcotte

The “Heart of the Matter”-
The Viability of the Interstitial Space “Disease is nothing else but an attempt on the part of the body to rid itself of morbific matter.” Dr. Thomas Sydenham (the English Hippocrates) 1624-89. This quote, which is often referred to since it was published, becomes intriguing to massage therapists when viewed within the context of hypertonicity’s effect on the interstitial space and its ability to flow toxins away from cells. This dynamic is explored and connected to joint proprioception (which is the “heart” of the matter), then taken as a way to understand and adjust your own bodywork in the context. Credits: 6 Cost: $125 Text: None Instructor: Chuck LaFrano from LaFrano Massage Dynamics

CEU Registration

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